Would you donate your body to the study of massage? Become a Palpation Peep!

Having a small, but diverse, group of students is important in learning massage therapy. Students learn the skill of touch by working on one another in class, getting experience working on several different body types, while getting lots of one on one attention from the instructor.

With this evening class, though, there are only two students and it is difficult to learn palpation skills when there is only one body for each of them to work with.

So how do we turn our challenge into a victory? By asking for community involvement!

Palpation Prep – School of Massage is looking for volunteers to donate their body to the study of massage. Volunteers are affectionately referred to as Palpation Peeps. (I capitalize and use bold font because volunteering deserves capitalization and bold font.)

Palpation Peeps will help improve the students’ assessment and palpation skills. We want our students to have a strong foundation of the skills necessary to build thriving careers. Repetition is necessary for mastery, and variety improves skill. The greater the number of Palpation Peeps, the greater the students’ confidence in their skills.

As a Palpation Peep,    

  • You will be asked to fill out an intake form.
  • You may be a body on the table while students learn a new skill or improve on the palpation skills they have already learned.
  • The students may learn muscle groups by drawing (with washable markers), or using kinesiology tape, on your body.
  • You may be asked to repeat a movement a few times or walk around while students learn to assess a client.
  • We ask that you spread the word! Getting word out about the massage school takes us talking about it! Talk about it and share with your friends…maybe they’ll be a Peep, too. (Oooohhh, it could be a fun thing to do with a friend!)
  • Follow us on www.facebook.com/palpationprep www.instagram.com/palpationprep

As a Palpation Peep, you will be helping our massage therapy students build a firm foundation of hands-on experience that they will be able to draw on throughout their massage therapy career.

We would love to have you visit our massage school. If you would like to volunteer as a Palpation Peep, please contact Valerie at palpationprep@gmail.com. Check the calendar for dates. Dates and times, through February, are on the calendar at the bottom of the page…more dates to come.

Our next cohort begins Tuesday, January 21, 2020. There is still time to enroll! www.palpationprep.com/admissions/