I asked my massage therapy students to go online and read my first blog entry.

I asked for my massage student’s thoughts on my first blog post. I want what I wrote about Palpation Prep – School of Massage to be reality. I don’t want to say one thing & deliver another. I want to be impeccable with my word. So who better to ask if I’m full of myself than the students that have spent a month in the program already, and had plenty of time to form an opinion about me & the school so far. I want their opinion because it matters to me, and it should matter to you as a prospective student. I WANT my students to know their education is sound, and worth the time, effort, and expense it takes to become a licensed massage therapist. I want them to leave each day with fresh information, a new concept, or having had a “lightbulb moment.”

So I asked for feedback, and I got it. One of my students emailed her thoughts on my post the next day.

A massage student’s thoughts…

“You had asked opinions of your blog… I don’t know a thing about blogging, but I can offer you a student’s perspective.  I’ve read your blog about 3 or 4ish times… yep.  & each time there’s 1 line that resonates loudly: 

“My goal as an educator is to have my new therapists:

Ultimately, being confident in what they are doing (kind of a given)” 

I don’t know how other schools or instructors teach, but if I didn’t already feel the reassurance in the classroom, it’s inspiring to know our confidence is a priority.  I don’t know if confidence is something that can be taught but it can definitely be nurtured.  As a trait I struggle with daily [(& I’m certain many, many others do as well (I’m working on it)], it’s encouraging to know you take ownership & pride in the quality of your students’ wellbeing, education, & future. So I may be a little biased, already being a student of yours, but I’d say it’s a win for your 1st blog.”

I do take pride & ownership in the quality of your wellbeing, education, & future.

I want you to be proud of the education you receive at Palpation Prep – School of Massage. I want you feel it is worth the time, money, and effort to make the classes work.

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Once you graduate, become licensed, and are out in the world, with a competent grasp of the fundamentals in order to better the lives of the clients you serve, you will be the realization of my dream. If you succeed, I succeed…pretty simple. �Val